Music Has to be Heard Before People go out and Buy it.

The title of this post is a very true statement that I am sure everyone can agree with. Just the other day I was walking around a shop that had been playing music and heard a song by skindread a band I otherwise had never heard about and that very same day went and bought two cds by them. Now take the location and replace it with any number of different places from charity fund raisers to the local gararge fitting new tires it could have been any location, that is not the point. The point is that I heard a song that I had never heard before, would otherwise not have heard and subsequently would otherwise had not gone and bought.

Now add to the mix the Performing Rights Society, the UK organisation collecting money on behalf of the music industry. Whom seem to stop at nothing to ensure that their bosses get every last penny of money out of small businesses, charities, play schools and childrens community centers listening to music while they work. While it can be argued that such places as clubs and pubs receive commercial benefit from playing music, indeed within night clubs that is the entire idea and as such these businesses can absorb licensing fees as a legitimate business expense.

However the PRS has become ever more aggressive with its task of collecting money for its bosses, to the point that it has now begun demanding money from Children’s Community Centers just so the children can watch a dvd, money the playgroups cant afford being that many are a non-profit or charity group with little to no income kept going by devoted volunteers. Even worse, the PRS have gone after anyone who plays the radio within an earshot of the general public. This has lead to 61 year-old mechanic Paul Wilson, who has worked alone at his garage for 23 years since he was 15 being forced to now work in silence. Saying in a recent interview that:

When I was first contacted by the PRS I thought somebody was having a laugh with me.

This is indeed no laughing matter, the PRS in their infinitive wisdom have even targeted carol singers, whom now can be forced into handing over thousands of pounds just for the freedom to sing. Which in itself is counter-productive as their singing to raise funds may only collect a few hundred pounds for charity a far cry from the amounts the PRS is demanding them pay in the first instance.

You hear reports of this going on all the time over in the States, but it has become widely accepted within British discussionary circles that America has become neo-conservative with a government that is a) not affraid of its people and b) working against its peoples interests to further the demands by industury. It is ludicrous to think that these kind of “mafia-like” techniques are being used within the walls of Great Britain by an organisation whom make it clear that all they care about is one thing – money, and that they show an amoral ideology in how they get that money.

While the British Police are fighting their case against the PRS for demanding money we in Britain can breath a sigh of relief knowing that our own legal system hasn’t gone completely bonkers, however if the case is won in favour of the PRS then please feel free to riot in the streets and show your anger at the racketeering tatics of the PRS by breaking some stuff, preferably theirs.

I end this discussion/rant with the following end note to give you something more to think about within this debate: the radio broadcasters pay the PRS a pile of cash in liscensing fees so that they may advertise the PRS’s clients work to the public. So when the PRS then go to that public demanding extra money for listening to said radio broadcasts is this not double dipping? Could this be desperation on the music industries part due to their other water holes and cash cows drying up? Or is this just further proof to how evil an empire the music industry has become to the point that they are happy to destroy familys and communities for that extra pound in their accounts?

Source Story: Copyright Cops Target Kids’ Schools and Community Centers.

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