Sexy Long Socks with free pics II

Last december I posted the last edition of this post, then it was an excuse to publish an aticle with scantly clad women in it and the same excuse goes for this post to be honest. With that said this is a serious review, i’m just writing it to put off doing work for an hour or so.

I became led onto this when I found the above image in the live journal latest image posted feed, viewable here. I showed them to Sora and she liked them, they are different to what you normally see people in and non-conformality is what it’s all about. If people notice you and like what they see then that’s hardly a bad thing is it?

I searched the net a while for the images source due to the orinal live journal post a) not sourcing it and b) apparently being one of those “adults only” blog content type blogs. I eventually found the origin if the image to be stockingirl after a short google. They have a lot of really nice products on sale, but being an American company I am unsure if they ship outside the states. They are $22.99 (

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  1. Sora says:

    They’d last quite a while as long as you’re careful… with stockings like that they’re mostly likely to be worn when I’m going out somewhere nice rather than just randomly and therefore they’d be less likely to snag (although I admit to being prone to such problems)

    Tis a great site, thank you for letting me know about it :3

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