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DOS Days

I have a vast collection of DOS games and old computer books, while I have lost to the skip a selection of older computers I still have my original Toshiba T3100 which shall have its own page in this mini-archive. I have already written two posts about my favorite dos games of the past and shall have both a list of them here plus a detailed list of the books I have collected. Much like other collections there will be a lot of photo’s and detailed description, however I am still looking for bits that I have lost to time.

Thanks to the power of word of mouth and a link sent to me over email I have found one of these bits that I had lost to time, it was the ZX Spectrum BASIC game called Space Mines. I have been hunting this for a few years, all-be-it half attempted because I didn’t remember enough details to find the game in the first place. The game itself is in the Usborne book Computer Spacegames, a book which I had picked up in 1998 from a second hand shop in Borough Green, England and since lost. I had converted it into C during my first play with the programming language so I could compile it for DOS however  I seem to have lost the code both BASIC version and my port to C and World of Spectrum does not have the code rather instead hosting a tape version. So if I can get hold of the book I would be able to do another port.

Books I am looking For

Daniel Isaaman and Jenny Tyler (1982), Computer Space Games – For ZX Spectrum, ZX81, BBC, TRS-80, APPLE, VIC & PET. Usborne Publishing, p.52

Usborne Guide to Computer Jargon (1983). Usborne Publishing. p.52

Old Book Collections I have Found

Ted’s Book Collection – a selection of 1970s and 80s books, I have a couple of these in my collection.

Ira Goldklang’s TRS-80 Revived Site – a good selection of TRS-80 based programming books none of which are in my collection.

Daves Old Computers – Publications – while some of these publicasions are before DOS days they are an interesting glipse into the world of computers circa 1960s to 1980s.