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About me

I'm a "full stack" web developer from the UK currently building interesting things with Vue.js, PHP, Golang and Node.

I started playing with computers on an old Toshiba 386 luggable in the mid-nineties and have since been making websites for about 21 years.

My interests include macro photography, vintage computing, astrophysics and game development. I enjoy combining my interests, for example: developing a game for MS-DOS in the C programming language so that I can run it on the 8086 computer I bought on eBay on a whim.

I can be reached via email, but you will likely have better success via Mastodon.

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Work Experience

  • Senior Software Developer
    Wefix Ltd, 2021–Now
  • Senior Software Developer
    Achiive Ltd, 2018–2021
  • Digital Media Developer
    FCB Halesway, 2013–2018
  • PHP Software Developer
    Submission Technology Ltd, 2012–2013
  • PHP Web Developer
    Self Employed, 2009–2012
  • eCommerce Manager
    Kent Paints & Car Panels Ltd, 2008–2010


I have a keen interest in photography, especially Macro, Micro and Landscape photography. Early on in my career between 2008 and 2012 I did Product, Wedding and Event photography professionally. Unfortunately all my photography from that time is locked away on hard drives I have since put in storage. If I ever do get round to digging them out again I will link from here to a gallery of my selected favourites.

I used to rock a 5D MkII and a 7D MkI with a selection of glass that would impress most photography enthusiasts. Nowadays, I find my iPhone to be good enough for the pot shots I make on a daily basis supplemented with a Canon 70D and 40mm prime lens for family photographs.


Folding @ Home For about six years staring from November 2014 I donated spare CPU cycles of computers I used to Folding@Home this was largely facilitated through the Folding@Home NaCL web client.

Unfortunately the NaCL client was retired in part due to Google deprecating NaCL and while during it's six year lifespan, the NaCl client contributed 48 million Folding@home work units towards the study of human diseases; the only alternatives to date are installed clients that operate natively.

My desktop computer has been packed away since the birth of our second child, and I don't feel comfortable pushing a heavy thermal load onto my laptop, therefore I haven't been able to contribute any folding cores in just over two years. I do hope to be able to do so again in the future.


Over the years I have drawn inspiration from many individuals who through their activities have make me want to grow and improve. A handful whom immediately jump to mind are the following: