Listened To

What I have been listening to recently


Developer Tea

Jonathan Cutrell

I began listening to Jonathan's words of wisdom with his very first episode in 2015. I can't say I have listened to them all, but I still dip in from time to time.


Accidental Tech Podcast

Marco Arment, Casey Liss and John Siracusa

A very long time ago I used to chat to Marco on IRC. I stumbled upon this podcast after remembering they built Tumblr and wondering what they were up to now.


The Infinite Monkey Cage

Brian Cox and Robin Ince

Back before I started working from home full time I would occasionally catch this podcast broadcast on Radio 4 during my commute home from work. Since the lockdown I rediscovered it in podcast form.


This music list layout is inspired from Branden Higby's music library in their digital garden.