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Addition of a Button Board and changes to bookmarks

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In December last year I began exploring the vast expanses of The Indie Web and in doing so reignited my love of 88x31 button banners and the Button Boards that people display them on. After adding my own button board I became a Digital Magpie and over multiple Digital Spelunking sessions began filling out my own board with little images that bring me joy.

Grid of 88x31 button banners

My precious

I have since made it so that a bookmark can have more than one button, with my button board displaying only the first. I also updated the bookmark page to display all the buttons attached to a bookmark entry.

Adding entries to my button board via the bookmarks has meant that the number of links I have bookmarked increased rapidly and so to aid navigation I added previous / next buttons alongside the current bookmark idx / total.

Bookmark meta showing bookmark no of total and links to previous and next bookmarks
'Improved' navigation...

Occasionally on my digital excursions I would end up in the digital graveyard, this also highlighted to me the fact that with a growing number of links I too would soon experience an increasing number of those becoming dead. In response to the inevitable march of entropy I both added the digital graveyard list and a dead link frontmatter flag which tells my template to use the wayback link instead of the cited source url.

In doing so I accidentally began my own digital archiving project, collecting screenshots and 88x31 buttons from long since offline websites into a digital mausoleum of sorts. While exploring I found others who had done similar and added their efforts to my internet archivers list.

Two of Cinni's projects: the ichigo directory and the cutie internet archive jump to memory as projects taking a similar path to my own but also on the nostalgia section of Robyn's Website, Pastel Hell where Robyn has collected an impressive number of archived projects and websites from the #OldWeb.

Ultimately I am not aiming to preserve everything I encounter, my button board and bookmarks only include websites that I found interesting either through their content or the buttons that link through to them. It's more a preservation of my experience on the internet, for myself, which may, or may not interest others.

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