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Addition of Post Graphs to Stats page

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Serendipity is one of my favourite words and today its meaning came out in full force to send me down an interesting Rabbit Hole. Ever since finding Tim Hårek Andreassen's blog stats page and making my own shameless clone[1] I have thought about also adding a GitHub style display of posts over time or more graphs at the very least. I never found the time and was pleasantly surprised when a post by Juis came across my Mastodon feed. Juis was sharing that he had installed @rknightuk/eleventy-plugin-post-graph a plugin by Robb Knight.

Excited I instantly stopped what I was doing, and installed the plugin myself. To my delight it worked flawlessly! Robb even added a limit feature so that I could be lazy and use {% postGraph collections.post, {sort: 'desc', limit: 2} %} to load the most recent two years of graphs.

You can see these now on my stats page, as well as graphs for all years I published over on all time stats.

I thought I was almost alone in my geeky enjoyment of this kind of stats, and blog stats in general; up until now I only knew of Tim to have done so.

Having found a few new interesting blogs to add to my blogroll I think I will take inspiration from Juah's post I gamified my own blog and add some badges and challenges for 2024.

A big thank you to Robb for writing the plugin as well as to Juis for sharing. If I hadn't been watching my feed at the right time I might not have discovered this plugin for a while longer, if ever.

If you have a 11ty powered blog, give adding a stats page a go. It can be fun.

  1. Something I documented within Adding statistics to 11ty in January this year. ↩︎

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