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In December last year with help from a PR raised by Belmin Began(@MaNemoj01) I added a git log to the content pages of this website, Belmin's contribution aside from being wrapped by caching has remained unchanged until today. I like the addition of page history meta however, I do not want it to take over the page and in the case of some regularly updated pages that was beginning to happen.

I have therefore modified the history layout so that it is now hidden by default behind a small "page history" pull up tab on the page footer. I recently re-discovered the magical :target css selector and used that for toggling the pull-ups display instead of relying upon JavaScript.

For the git history itself I changed the template so that it displays a short paragraph describing the input files creation with a link to edit it on GitHub. This means that the table of history now only displays if there is more than one commit for that page's input file.

This kind of page meta is likely only of use to me, but having shared my changes I had a positive response from a surprising number of people, and so I will be writing a short follow-up in the form of a tutorial on How to add a git log to your 11ty website.

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