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I'm unsure how but, today I serendipitously stumbled upon Luke Mitchell's Blog: interroban.gg. Luke's Blog is wonderfully minimalist and is, in my mind the best example of what I love to see in minimalist website design.

Screenshot of Luke Mitchell's Blog: interroban.gg taken in September 2022

Updating this websites post list format was added as issue #6: UI Idea: Post list format in June of last year (2021). I originally took inspiration from Bert Hubert's articles list however I fell in love with the more visually appealing design Luke has done.

Screenshot of Bert Hubert's Blog: berthub.eu taken in September 2022

In a short period of time I had updated all the content lists to have a similar style to that used by Luke:

Screenshot of Photogabble archive page: interroban.gg taken in September 2022

This was achieved by making a nunjucks component for content lists and then refactoring everywhere I had previously copied and pasted the same list and loop. On certain pages such as the archive and topic pages I also wanted to keep the content type tag. I have lost the numbered list on the archives page, which I may in a future update, reinstate but for now I am happy with how it looks.

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