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Content Types

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In converting PhotoGabble into a Digital Garden from being a traditional Blog with taxonomy made up of Categories I have settled
upon a few distinct content types:

  • Essays, longform ideas that I am invested in
  • Noteworthy, interesting things I have found that I want to share
  • Thoughts, quick weakly held ideas on things I haven't fully worked out
  • Tutorials, an attempt at spreading my knowledge
  • Projects, things that I have worked on
  • Glossary, definitions of phrases as I understand and use them
  • /now, a monthly updated list of what I am currently doing

My Bookshelf and /uses pages are an exception to the above, my reading
list is imported from my bookwyrm.social reviews
and the uses page is updated in place as and when I change what technology and devices I use day-to-day.


When PhotoGabble had a Blog structure it was organised around posts belonging to one or more category. Since becoming a Digital Garden,
categories have become Topics which to my mind describes the taxonomy better.