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A "review" of the GodVille Game

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GodVille is a weird game, that on the surface feels like a stupid idea that should not work. It falls into what is called the "zero-player" genre of games by being entirely passive and requiring literally no input for events in the game to progress.

This is it, the whole game in one page

I first stumbled upon GodVille soon after it was released into the Apple app store in 2010, at the time I downloaded the game onto my iPod touch and it became a novel play thing that I would interact with in much the same way as with Tamagotchi a number of years prior.

Your role in GodVille is to play the god-character. Watching over your hero whom is able to communicate with you via their diary. Your input is limited to Encouragement, Punishment or sending a message. However quite as with all Deities what you send and what is actually received can differ greatly and I am still not entirely sure that your input does anything beyond granting your character health and reincarnating them when they inevitably die.

All I want is for you to ride the sea...

The game itself is role playing with your hero exploring an expansive map containing a great many places, items, monsters and enemies to interact with. There is so much content that it fills 1,867 pages of the games wiki; with much of the content having been suggested by players over the years.

I no longer have the iPod touch that I used to "play" GodVille on, however I did recently rediscover the game and logged into my original account in a browser to find my hero was still playing eight years later as though I had never left.

Because I have taken the zero-player input quite literally I am probably missing out on some of the games features, but for me it is quite simply a nifty play thing that now sits in a pined tab in Chrome and that I occasionally visit to resurrect my character when they eventually expire from their ordeal.

If you enjoy playing a game that is slightly more interesting than watching paint dry then I would certainly encourage you to go and check out godvillegame.com if only for the entertaining comments in your hero or heroine's diary.

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