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This is an Anchor Page for listing eleventy.js plugins that I have written.

Eleventy.js Interlink Plugin

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I use Obsidian.md to draft my posts before they are published on PhotoGabble. One feature of #Obsidian that I love is interlinking between notes and being able to see the connectivity graph of each note. Out of all the plugins I have written for Eleventy this one gets the most use. I have yet to add the ability to output a node graph but being able to paste notes from Obsidian into my site repository and have the wiki links just work is incredible!

Eleventy.js Blogtimes Plugin

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This plugin is a direct port of the WordPress plugin Blogtimes which was also the second plugin written for WordPress. History! The blogtimes histogram it produces can be seen on my stats page alongside the newer GitHub style ones output by Robb Knight's @rknightuk/eleventy-plugin-post-graph plugin.

Eleventy.js Word Stats Plugin

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This plugin is a lightweight wrapper for making available reading-time as a filter. I had intended to extend this plugin to provide more extensive statistics over a collection of posts replacing the code I wrote for my stats page however, John Wargo beat me to the punch line with their Eleventy Post Statistics plugin.

Eleventy.js Font Subsetting Plugin

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This plugin grew out of the tutorial I wrote on Font Subsetting with Eleventy.js it's able to scan your project and compile an optimised set of font files that only contain the Glyphs that you use.

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