Laravel Registration Validator

Solid credential validation for Laravel >= 5.5

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An all-Latin username containing confusables is probably fine, and an all-Cyrillic username containing confusables is probably fine, but a username containing mostly Latin plus one Cyrillic code point which happens to be confusable with a Latin one… is not. - James Bennet

This package is a Laravel validation wrapper around the PHP Confusable Homoglyphs library to provide your application the ability to validate user input as not containing dangerous confusables.

I began writing this package soon after reading the above quote from this article by James Bennett on registration credential validation that referenced how Django’s auth system validates new users credentials.

In addition to unicode confusables validation this package also includes a PHP port of the reserved name validation that Django's auth system uses.

This is a PHP7 project built for use with Laravel versions 5.5 and above.