Introducing Quantum Theory

A graphic guide to science's most puzzling ideas

Oscar Zarate,J.P. McEvoy

I borrowed this book from my local Library because the illustrations within looked interesting and certainly different from any other book that I have read on Quantum Theory.

Contained within its pages is a beautifully illustrated true story about how and why quantum theory was invented and an introduction to some of the most remarkable physicists from the past few centuries, their relationship to one another and the part they played in bringing the Quantum world into sharp focus.

While occasionally going into considerable depth, this book largely explains Quantum mechanics in very broad brushstrokes. As I understand it, the purpose of this book isn't to impart a deep knowledge but to instead instill a sense of wonder and inspire a broader interest, to that end I believe it succeeds.

This is an excellent introduction to the field of Quantum Theory, it leaves the door open for other books to fill in the gaps. Well worth the time spent reading.