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12 of 365, What sparks joy?

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This is day twelve of my attempt to write something, anything, every day for 365 days in a row.


For a couple of weeks now I have sat through that Tidying Up program on Netflix with Marie Kondo; it began as a way of spending more quality time with my Wife but the program has a strange charm about it that has meant I have gone out of my way to watch more.

It has made us both look at our own home and ask ourselves why we have so many things gathering dust that we either do not need or do not know that we have in the first place!

Aside from being a catalyst to reducing our ownership of things, the phrase "sparks joy" goes beyond being a method of deciding if you should keep one inanimate object over another and - in my mind at least - puts you in the mindset of discovering what makes you happy.

For me that is thoughts of my Wife and my Daughter and our Daughter to come. They all spark immense joy. When I think about the possessions I own a good 99% do not spark joy, in actual fact I could throw away the majority of what I own and still be happy, maybe more so.

Coming to this conclusion has taught me that I would be happy to live in a tiny home, not only would it restrict the space for possessions to exist, but it would actively force me to question their existence in the first place and instead focus more on what does in fact bring me joy.


What sparks joy for you?


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