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2022 Week 24 in Review

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This week I have been focusing my personal time on my Moon Miner project and professional time developing a static website using the 11ty plugin Slinkity.

The Moon Miner project is something I have been quietly working on in the background for a large portion of this year, however not all in one constant project. Instead, I had a few false starts building it with Next, then Nuxt, then Nuxt in a Lerna Monorepo, then Golang before finally circling back to its current and final iteration as a Laravel + JetStream + Inertia.js project.

I will write more in a separate post on my thoughts around the traditional monolith, suffice to say I have warmed back up to it and working with Laravel 9 + PHP 8.1 + Vue3 is such a nice experience that I don't want to use anything else.

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