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2022 Week 30 in Review

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"Thinking is difficult, that's why most people judge"
— Carl Gustav Jung

Much like the past two weeks this week feels like it has gone by in a flash! I spent much of my free time this week watching Raptor's YouTube series on Farthest Frontier. I very much enjoyed playing Banished and Farthest Frontier feels like a natural progression with enhanced mechanics such as crop rotation and soil management that appeal to me.

On the subject of games I occasionally pine for an Eve Online session, however my gaming PC is still sat in storage while I finish my home office. I haven't played in a few years now, I assume the game has changed a lot in that time.

All that's needed for my office is door trim, skirting board and a built-in wall-to-wall desk to provide adequate space for more than one work zone. I say "all that's needed" but it's still considerable work. I found a supplier for the skirting board but was £5 below their minimum order 🙄. That supplier does not carry door trim meaning I'm going to have to look elsewhere and see if I can get both delivered.

Joke of the week

"Why can’t you send a duck to space? Because the bill would be astronomical."

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