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2022 Week 46 in Review

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"Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo"
— Jon Sinclair

I have continued last week's trip down memory lane with a prolonged deep dive; having rediscovered City Simulator by Dave Katrowski I ended up cosplaying as Alice and following the white rabbit to see how deep its rabbit hole goes; that is to say, I pulled down a local copy of the Visual Basic 6.0 source code and installed Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 sourced from the Internet Archive into a virtual machine running Windows 98 Second Edition, also sourced from the Internet Archive and began tinkering.

All too soon I remembered the first time I did this and thought it would be a fun exercise to port the Visual Basic source to TypeScript in order to run the game in the browser. While doing so I discovered 98.css, a design system for building faithful recreations of Windows 98 UIs and so the rabbit hole deepened. I had accidentally nerd-sniped myself into building a Windows 98 themed windowing system in the browser.

Joke of the week

"Knock, knock. Who’s there?"
very long pause…

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