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2022 Week 49 in Review

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"Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand."
— Martin Fowler

This week in work I realised that I had completely ignored using Amazons SQS queues with the microservice I have spent the past several months working on, this was alongside attempting to get the Lambda to deploy and then realising that my clever idea of having the lambda executions run their jobs in parallel wasn't going to work due to lambdas having a ten-minute lifetime.

ASCII Text based interface showing a number of clickable buttons

These buttons where made for clicking, and that's just what...

Outside of work and continuing the theme of reviving dusty projects I picked up Go Rogue, my tile based rogue like game engine written in Go. In doing so I continued adding libtcod's GUI widgets because that was where I had previously left off. As you can see above, I successfully ported across toggle buttons and button groups however, after mentioning to libtcod's main developer that I could not find any usage or documentation of its widget system. They responded saying it wasn't an aspect of libtcod that they had advertised, and they weren't sure it would make it to the next version. Doh!

A topdown roguelike view of a dungeon room with a red banner in the top corner, the player is denoted by a piece of wall that moves around when you click the arrow buttons.

The bare basics on display

As a palette cleanse from Go Rogue I began tinkering with vanilla browser Roguelike development in #TypeScript. It didn't take too long to get a player object moving around a room and have the camera follow it as it goes. However, I was doing a lot of reinventing the wheel and in re-picking up GoRogue I had learned about Ramen: a simple console emulator for ascii games written in go. I think I will return to Golang and try doing something with that next week.

Joke of the week

8 bytes walk into a bar, the bartenders asks "What will it be?"
One of them says, "Make us a double."

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