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2023 Week 10 in Review

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"Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo."
ā€” John Sinclair

This week I began having issues with Laradock or more specifically the MySQL docker container crashing everytime I loaded a load intensive page. This has prompted me to give Laravel Valet a go alongside DBngin.

It's well known that running Docker on Mac is plagued by performance issues, the biggest bottleneck for me was its abysmal disk io speeds which hampered the MySQL service especially when restoring from a fresh database dump.

Having shutdown Docker and installed Valet with DBngin I am now using around 10GB of RAM with another 6GB entirely free; previously I was seeing near 100% RAM usage with regular spikes of memory pressure slowing everything down.

I have spent the week using Valet and while it feels like a step backward from Docker it's nice and fast and has released a large amount of memory that was otherwise reserved.

I've yet to get to the bottom of why the MySQL container kept crashing but in the world of webdev you need your tools to work, any time spent debugging tooling is stolen from what your working on so it's best to go with what works when time pressures demand.

After several weeks of on-again-off-again development, I finally released my Eleventy.js Interlink Plugin which I will probably be writing about next week. Suffice to say; it brings to #11ty two features I use a lot in #Obsidian: WikiLinks and Embeds.

Joke of the week

There's a new type of broom in stores. It's sweeping the nation!

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