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2023, Week 15 in Review

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This week I have begun a fresh Nuxt3 project at work which has been a nice change in pace from the previous year spent working with Node. In doing so I was reminded that my first tinkering with Nuxt3 was during its beta phase last year (2022) when I began using it to build my #SpaceMines game.

This actually prompted me to take a look at where I had got to with that project and in unshelving it I discovered to my horror that I had five different repositories, each a different rewrite of that which came before! Two where various Nuxt3 attempts with the most recent being a Laravel + Inertia.js porting and merging of the prior Nuxt projects.

In August last year I wrote PHP Space Mines: Introduction which was supposed to be the first in a series of dev-logs as I built out the project but as usual with developer side projects more important tasks took its place resulting in it eventually finding its way to the dusty shelf of unintentional abandonment.

With using Nuxt3 for work, and the framework actually being stable enough to develop on, I have decided to revisit Space Mines and in doing so have taken all my previous attempts and copied the code into a fresh project — lets hope that this one doesn't end up back upon the dusty shelf.

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