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2023, Week 16 in Review

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I have spent the majority of my spare time this week working on my #SpaceMines game, an update for which is in the works. Outside of that I have been learning about using SST as a simpler way of writing AWS deployment stacks.

With Space Mines I have been largely focused on its design language and in doing so was re-introduced to #ThreeJS while researching procedural generation of landscape. I'll discuss more in a future post but as Space Mines is largely focused around maintaining a mining outpost I want the interface to be both visually interesting and functional while keeping a retro-future aesthetic.

My original plan was to have a 2D top down satellite view of the landscape with the players structures laid over that; with the whole thing being driven by something like leaflet.js however, the more that I thought about it, the more having a 3D representation made sense. Especially after seeing how Space nerds in space generated landscape in earthlike.c and crater.c.

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