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2023, Week 18 in Review

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Here in the UK it has been a Bank Holiday week which meant the majority of people in the UK had Monday off work. We spent ours taking our children to Moors Valley, a huge country park and forest within the New Forest that has a number of outdoor activities but most importantly to those of us with small children, several large play areas and an impressive narrow-gauge railway both of which make it well worth a day out to us.

This time however we decided to do something that we hadn't done before and rented bikes. Our eldest got her own bike attached as a tandem to mine while Debs had the youngest in a children's seat on the back of her bike. Up until now I hadn't ridden a bike for at least three years, I was surprised at how quickly I got back into it. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it's something I would recommend and look forward to doing again.

A large percentage of my free time this week has been spent working on #SpaceMines and learning #ThreeJS. I think I might have gone down a bit of a Rabbit Hole with #ProceduralGeneration of planet textures. I want to be able to generate a visually interesting player map that looks a lot like the Pluto surface images from New Horizons.

With my recent addition of Resources to PhotoGabble I feel as though I might have complicated my publishing workflow because now for these Weeks in Review I need to create a file for the joke of the week another for the quote and a file for each of the links that I wish to keep as bookmarks. In an attempt to simply things I ended up adding a "make" command to my 11ty install during which I discovered and used the cheerio.js library for parsing and manipulating HTML.

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