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2023, Week 19 in Review

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I have been looking forward to watching Frances Buontempo's lecture What is a random number and why should I care? from the 19th April ACCU Conference to be released on the ACCU Conference Youtube channel. It's not there yet; I heard that there were a lot of other great lectures at this year's ACCU Conference and look forward to being able to watch them soon as I was unable to attend.

This week I discovered Space Traders: a multiplayer game that's played via an API. This interested me because it's very similar to an idea I had a number of years ago when my #SpaceMines was in its infancy and creating just a playable API is an idea I have had to keep my current incarnation simple to develop because it means not having to build a UI in order to get the game finished.

Many people have built clients for the Space Traders API, each rather distinct from one another even though they are consuming the same data which is both surprising and nice to see. If anything I think I will be taking the API as a game idea, although I am unsure if building an API is simpler than just building the UI; without trying I will not know.

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