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2023, Week 22 in Review

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As it happens I didn't get to publish 2023, Week 21 in Review in time, nor will I likely get this one out in time as I am typing it on my phone and probably won't get back to the computer this week.

I took this week off work as a stay at home holiday leading up to going to visiting Paultons Park this Friday and Saturday (with a stay over in a hotel.) The plan was to spend Monday through to Thursday doing fun activities with our children however our youngest caught a vomiting bug which fortunately nobody else in the house caught but it wiped out those days with me spending the majority of the time cuddled with youngest.

Fortunately she was vomit clear for 48 hours by the time Friday rolled around and so we where able to go to the theme park. This was mostly to visit Pepper Pig world as her birthday surprise; I am not a huge fan of the little pink devil and had reservations as to how the overall experience would be. It was however, a fun couple of days out. Both children loved the theming and the rides, our youngest very quickly discovered she is now tall enough to ride the bigger rollercoasters and absolutely loved them - with queues being almost non-existent this resulted in me riding a lot of rides.

As weeks go, even with the illness it was overall a success. I had always heard good things about Paultons Park, but actually experiencing it I can say for certain that its a worthwhile day out with plenty to keep all ages entertained.

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