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2023, Week 24 in Review

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It finally happened, I managed to max out the open tabs in Safari on my iPhone. What this has meant is that I needed to do a purge in order for Safari to remain usable and that gave me an opportunity to rediscover some interesting websites.

Much like Łukasz mentions in his article: The quest for purging my bookmarks, I too need to undertake a major purge in my digital hoard, mostly with the many hundreds of tabs that remain open un-looked at for months, if not years. However, this recent experience on my iPhone was surprising as for almost every tab I remembered why I had opened it and most importantly why I had left it open. Pardus for example was part of my research for Space Mines, it's a similar browser game to Planetarion and both are sources of inspiration for my own.

The past six weeks have been an exercise in not getting much #Blogging done; both April and May saw very little activity from me with regard to writing. I instead worked on Space Mines and rested. Whether this will change in June or July I am unsure. We shall have to see.

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