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2023, Week 30 in Review

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This week I spent time setting up a fresh Hetzner dedicated server to replace the slightly more expensive box I purchased nearly two years ago. In the process of taking stock of my digital portfolio I rediscovered my #365DayProject from 2019 that I had hosted with wordsmith.social.

In the background Wordsmith runs on the open source publishing platform: WriteFreely and for a good portion of 2019 I used it as my primary blogging platform because its intentionally minimalist interface makes writing so easy. I'll be writing a longer post on my experience with WriteFreely and the issues I had with its lack of tooling which inevitably resulted in me closing Wordsmith registrations.

While I work out where I want to go with Wordsmith I have this week copied all my #365DayProject posts to Obsidian with an intention to continue the project this year. That is because I have become very aware that my #WeekInReview posts have all but taken over the thoughts section of this website and I need an excuse to fill the gaps with more short-form thoughts; giving myself a challenge will certainly help with the motivation.

Going back to that Hetzner server, I actually discovered that Debian 12 isn't yet supported by Hetzner on their dedicated offerings and so I was actually unable to complete setting up and have subsequently cancelled the server I had originally planned to use for the next year or two.

Unsure whether to wait out until Hetzner does support Debian 12 or swallow the additional £10/mo it would cost to migrate to similar hardware elsewhere. Hetzner's hardware offering is so well priced that very little can actually come close on a pound to performance ratio within this budget class.

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