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2023, Week 36 in Review

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Began watching SharkyGames Stardew Valley competitive multiplayer series which got me back into playing Stardew Vally. I last played the game in 2018 and had bought it on my Nintendo Switch during the pandemic lockdown years but never made time to give it a go. I don't often have enough time to dedicate to a long gaming session but the switch can be picked up and put down often and so I finally got back into playing Stardew Vally; thanks Sharky and Poxial!

Our eldest daughter has for a long time been into Minecraft and this week I introduced her to GeminiTay's new Hardcore 1.20 Minecraft series which she absolutely loves. I have also bought Minecraft for the Switch so that she can play it as well. We do play it on the PC together but I feel as though the Switch controls will be easier for her to master as the keyboard and mouse are still quite intimidating.

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