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2023, Week 52 in Review

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It's the last week of the year! 2023 went very quickly, and it feels as though I didn't get a lot done; I did however begin a number of side projects, none of which made it past MVP let alone across the finish line. I'll probably write a short year in review where I go over each project and decide if it makes the cut to 2024.

As I write this I also have sixteen weeks of this year's week in review drafted and yet unpublished. They are all mostly completed but its indicative of how little free time I have had these past few months, unlike regular posts (of which there have also been few), the weeks in review require a lot more work in getting the bookmarks into the repo and ready for publishing. Back in November I tried out a couple of headless CMSs in the hope that they would lessen that burden however, none of them actually seemed to meet the cut.

Sorting out My publishing workflow is going to be something that I need to work on in January if only to make it so I don't end up with such a massive backlog this time next year.

This week I ported a 30 year old BASIC game, Business Management to Go, this is something I had done a number of years ago when I ported the BASIC space mines game to Go and is going to become something of an ongoing project for 2024. I already wrote in conclusion of this weeks porting adventure that I want to extend the game and eventually merge it with the Space Mines game I ported previously, these extensions will provide plenty of content fodder for the coming months.

I serendipitously stumbled upon Marks port of Lost Treasure, another game from the same Stimulating simulations book that Business Management came from. Inspired by Mark making the text game look visually interesting I decided to give it a go myself, in doing so I also dusted off my scene director library and wrote an example usage of it.

Onwards to 2024.

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