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2023 Week 9 in Review

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"It's not about bathrooms... as it was never about water fountains."
— George Takei

In last weeks review I shared Sebastian Lague's video on Hydraulic Errosion, a subject I fell into a deep rabbit hole with late last year. This week I published about ROMVLVS a nifty looking TextMode Civ game that I thought had been abandoned and lost to the sands of time; soon after publishing however, @vga256 messaged me with a link to a very much alive and active ROMVLVS Project Page with the most recent update published in 2019!

It turns out the author had changed their username and my brief glance over their Reddit posts had missed that. I thought I would check out their GitHub Profile and found that they had written their own Hydraulic Errosion Simulator; this is pure serendipity!

A big thank you to @vga256, you should most certainly check out their Multimedia HyperGuide Podcast it makes for excellent listening if you're into Retro Computing.

In other news I published my Eleventy.js Font Subsetting Plugin which has been about a month in the making. The code was completed in early February but I had been too busy to tidy it for public release. Similarly, my Eleventy.js Interlink Plugin will be published within the next week.

Finally, I chipped a molar tooth on Sunday; the dentist fitted me in on Monday for an emergency repair, unfortunately it chipped off by Wednesday evening. Seems I am going to need an expensive procedure to make a permanent repair. At least it's no longer painful, however it is super sensitive.

Joke of the week

Question: What do you call a line of men waiting to get haircuts?
Answer: A barberqueue.

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