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32 of 365, Cultivation deflates the magic

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This is day thirty-two of my attempt to write something, anything, every day for 365 days in a row; currently 8.77% complete with a ten-day streak šŸŽ‰


Finally, made it to a ten-day streak! I'll admit that I put more than a little effort into ensuring I did not miss a single day of posting. I hope I am able to be as well-prepared going forth.

Today I saw a photo of three or four, four-leaf clovers being sold in a blister package and so down the rabbit hole of luck I went.

The Celts considered four-leaf clovers to have magical powers of protection, able to ward off evil and bad luck; I haven't found one myself in the admittedly short amount of time during my life that I may have searched and that's because four-leaf clovers are exceedingly rare with as few as one in 10,000 plants having the genetic mutation to cause a fourth leaflet to grow.

However, once you find a plant that has the genetic mutation it is possible to cultivate in order to produce an unlimited supply of the talisman and this is exactly what someone in Korea has done and made an enormous amount of money out of selling them; as impressive as that is, in my opinion cultivation deflates the magic of discovery.


It's not that a four leaf clover brings luck but that finding one is a lucky happenstance.


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