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5 of 365, Exhaustion

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This is day five of my attempt to write something, anything, every day for 365 days in a row.


Five days into my 365 project and I have hit a wall. Not with the project itself but with both physical and mental exhaustion. During last December I had been working towards relaunching my blog: PhotoGabble anew for 2019 and got so far as completing the majority of the new theme and dropping in all the content.

Yet we are twelve days into 2019 and it is still not live. I'd argue that Christmas came first and after spending a good few months burning the midnight oil I decided to hit pause on all my extracurricular activities and spend some time enjoying family and the season itself.

Christmas aside I do feel exhausted. In fact, I have felt tired for most of 2018, or at least as much as I can remember. I initially put it off to being a new parent combined with often working late into the night on personal projects. However, even after cutting out all late night activities for a number of months and getting at least 8 hours sleep verified by a monitor I still felt exhausted.

Doctors have done various tests and diagnostics are currently ongoing however that doesn't stop the fact that most days are a battle with keeping my eyes open. However while I often feel lethargic, when pushed I could run a decent 10k or dance with our little one for an hour. This fact lead me a little while ago to wonder if my physical exhaustion was more a symptom of being mentally exhausted as I noted in 2/365.

It will take time, these things normally do, but I will work towards improving my surroundings in order to help with my head-space. In addition to that I will also make time for more exercise and organise my task list into three distinct groups: to-do now, to-do later and never to-do.



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