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9 of 365, hmm

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This is day nine of my attempt to write something, anything, every day for 365 days in a row.


I managed an eight-day streak until life events turned things upside-down. Since then thirty days (8.22% of 2019) have passed and while I am still "too busy" to sit down and think for five minutes I decided that leaving it any longer would only result in this project getting shelved.

If I am being honest I did continue writing every day, but not in enough substance to be worthy of publishing. I have a, now rather long, draft document with about fifty draft ideas in various forms of completion most between 60 and 150 words as a first draft outline of something that could be written, or thrown away once I decide the idea has no merit.

Personal life is still super busy, I have a project at work with a very tight, concrete deadline that must be met, and therefore I have been burning the wick hard in an attempt to get ahead of things. It's left me with very little time for personal projects but that should change come end of March.



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