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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year! It's 2016, for me 2015 was a very busy year full of amazing experiences. Debbie
and I began working on the house that we had bought in late 2014 and spent a great deal of 2015 planning and getting things
ready for our wedding, which took place in October. Due to this since the revival
of this blog in December of 2014 I have only had time to publish 16 articles, the majority of which were published in
the early part of 2015 before the mad wedding rush entirely took over.

With planning the wedding and visiting family taking up the majority of our free time, finding the time to write quickly
became a luxury and because I didn't want the quality of my writing to suffer or appear rushed I have ended up with a lot
of half written drafts of ideas sat languishing in my posts folder.

So now that its a new year and Christmas is done with I can now refocus my attention to this blog and getting some, if not
all of the draft posts polished and published. As with "tradition" on Photogabble, a new year means a new theme and I
hope to not disappoint with my new flat design inspired layout. There are some features that are yet to go live, mostly
because there isn't enough content to justify switching them on however I am quite proud of this design and feel inspired
by it, to continue blogging for another year.

My goal for 2016 is to write and publish one article per week on a Friday; if I am feeling especially creative I may publish
more than once, however I would rather blogging feel fun and exciting than become something I feel I have to do just to meet some
arbitrary self imposed deadline. To begin the year I will be writing the conclusion to my five part tutorial on writing a 16x16
pixel editor in JavaScript as well as beginning a new tutorial series involving the use of Phaser.

I am still using Sculpin to generate Photogabble, however it has its limits and the lack of automatic
scheduling has left me almost missing WordPress and its apparent lack of development has left me wondering if Sculpin is
becoming abandoned. For now I am planning on sticking with Sculpin, however I am looking into different PHP static site
generators in the hope of finding one with an active community that is also in active development.