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2023, Week 25 in Review

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Having spent the past several weeks working on Space Mines, this week I took a break from the development and began playing Improbable Island a browser based PBORPG that I have been aware of for a while but not played until this week. It inspired me to begin building a PBORPG API Engine because why only have one side project?

In honesty though this API is quite straightforward, or would have been if not for me discovering The Kabal Invasion and by extension BlackNova Traders . In TKI & BNT I found a 4X browser game containing a lot of the mechanics I wanted to write into Space Mines originally; both projects are GNU AGPL licensed and apparently abandoned by their authors. The result of this was me deciding to once again pause development on Space Mines in favour of digging into decades old PHP code and refactoring it into a new Laravel project!

Therefore, I have spent every evening this week working on rebuilding The Kabal Invasion which due to being a fun puzzle has become almost all consuming of my spare time.

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