Space Mines

Multiplayer mining outpost simulator

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In the Summer of 2022 I set about beginning to work on a project that has been on my mind for close to a decade: a modern re-imagination of a rather simple #BASIC game called Space Mines.

Space Mines BASIC source code listing in Usborne Computer Space Games book

The BASIC source that spawned this obsession

Originally published in the 1982 Usborne book: Computer Spacegames, Space Mines is a rather simple BASIC program consisting of little more than one hundred lines of code. However, something about it captured my imagination and I have ended up using it as my go to "Hello World" program for when I am learning a new programming language and have previously discussed porting it to Golang and LDPL.

Over the past few years I have started and re-started an attempt to convert this game into a multiplayer browser experience; this has resulted in the creation of multiple projects that get worked upon until I eventually get bogged down, or decide to change track. In 2023, I decided to condense all of my previous attempts into one project and write a realistic roadmap that signposted the finish line to give me achievable goals to go after.

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