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2023 Week 5 in Review

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"Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants."
— Epictetus

This week started out by being reminded of the Blogtimes WordPress plugin by Mike Little's post discussing it being 20 years since he commented on Matt's blog and kicked off the project that became WordPress. Matt had ported Blogtimes from b2 to WordPress and this week I continued that tradition and ported it to node as Blogtimes for Eleventy.js.

Continuing with the theme of reviving old code, I also pulled off the shelf and dusted down Tuppence, the PHP pico-framework that I last worked on in 2018. Both Tuppence and the boilerplate starter repository have seen some love in the way of updating dependencies and refactoring for PHP8.

The purpose of dusting down Tuppence was so that I might use it to port botany to PHP and in doing so convert it into a webapp. While I could use Laravel for this, in seeking simplicity in minimalism I wanted to see if I could do so with the bare minimum, which is what a microframework provides.

Sometimes it is nice to return to the wild and play with dirt and rocks.

Joke of the week

Question: What did the fish say when they hit the wall?
Answer: Dam

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