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Tuppence is a very small micro framework that brings together a powerful PSR-11 dependency injection container, a fast PSR-7 router supporting PSR-15 middleware and a simple and effective PSR-14 event dispatcher all provided by The League of Extraordinary Packages.

I have written before about why I wrote Tuppence, the TL;DR version is that the micro framework Proton by Alex Bilbie was available but was by that point using out of date dependencies and rather than forking Proton I wanted to learn more about frameworks through building my own.


Up until 2023 my last commit to Tuppence was in 2018; at the time I wrote Tuppence, it fit a small niche that I was actively working in. I ended up pivoting to front end with Vue.js and decided to set Tuppence as abandoned because at the time I saw the serverless API features of Next.js and Nuxt.js replacing the need for an incredibly small backend framework.

In 2023 my opinion changed and in seeking Minimalism I wanted to return to using a micro framework, the result being that I have released version two of Tuppence with more updates planned for the future.

Contributors welcomed.

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