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2023, Weeks 12 and 13 in Review

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Last week went by in a blur as did this week. I normally start writing these weeks in review on a Tuesday by which point I have a handful of interesting things to share already. However last week I only added two notable things and had zero notes on what had happened.

This is largely because I have started a new interesting project at work involving #NuxtJS which has consumed the majority of my working hours with breaks spent reading documentation; beyond that I had been having early nights which reduced my free time at the computer to zero.

Aside from Nuxt, I have also been working on my micro framework Tuppence and toying with the idea of integrating #InertiaJS into it. There exists cherifGsoul/inertia-psr15: an Inertia.js PSR-15 adapter however it's not been updated in a few years and Inertia.js v1.0 has recently been released which makes me suspect it's been abandoned.

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